Personality: Everyone knows the Drow are cruel and evil, compared to them the Xiandel are abstractly evil working to bring about strange and almost artistic levels of pain and misery to those they encounter. They lack the deliberate cruelty of most evil beings, instead evil through a lack of understandable emotions or feelings, they lack any sense of sympathy or empathy and delight in torturing others to hear the beauty of their screams, or the deliciousness of watching their death throws. They are however curious about this thing others call “feelings” and often ask their victims how are you “feeling”? The Xiandel consider themselves to be a pinnacle of evolution and other humanoid species are lesser, inferior stock meant to be studied and experimented on.

Physical Description: Xiandel are between 5’4" and 6’4" they have pitch black skin and large bulbous glossy eyes that are solid orbs of green and blue. They have 6 arms and long red, white or black hair coursing off an elongated skull. Their fingers end in long pointed nails often sharpened to a fine point.

Relations: The Xiandel are often “scientifically” curious about other races, and will torture and dissect any such specimens they can find, studying and humiliating them, which often makes them rather unpopular. In the Xiandel city of Longdroden There are zoo’s of other humanoids and much more dangerous beasts.

Alignment: All Xiandel are Evil, Most are NE, but those given towards lawfulness end up in positions of political power while those delving into chaos live solitary lives, in quite caverns.

Xiandel Lands: The Xiandel’s primary city of Longdroden is located deep in the mountains under heavily guarded entrances south of the Ardendale pass

Religion: The Xiandel abhor the idea of anything being superior to themselves.

Language:The Xiandel have a language of their own of sorts, but it looks more like mathematics when written than a scripted language, no other species has ever cracked the language. The Xiandel start with undercommon, and alko and if they have high intelligence they can choose from Abssyal, Draconic, dwarven, Infernal, Terran.

Names The Xiandel name their children based on a calendar and location charting system only they understand. As such their names are a string of numbers and letters that not only introduces themselves but offers vital information like age and place of birth.
Example: 9U33O, 77GW1 or 4I4HM

Adventurers: The Xiandel are quite curious about the world outside their deep lairs, and the more chaotically aligned ones often prefer the freedom of the cave life. However they make poor party members as they don’t really play well with others.

Racial Traits (30 Point Monstrous Race)

  • Medium Aberration
  • Dark Vision 60’
  • See in Darkness: Xiandel can see perfectly in darkness of any kind, including that created by spells such as deeper darkness.
  • + 2 Dexterity, + 2 Intelligence but a – 2 charisma
  • Climb Speed: 20’ and gain the +8 racial bonus on Climb checks that a climb speed normally grants
  • Multi-Armed: Xiandel possess six arms. A member of this race can wield multiple weapons, but only one hand is its primary hand, and all others are off hands. It can also use its hands for other purposes that require free hands.
  • Poison Immunity: The Xiandel are immune to all poison effects.
  • Bonus Feat: Multi-attack
  • Spider Empathy: Xiandel gain a +4 bonus on Handle Animal checks made to influence spiders.
  • Light Blindness Abrupt exposure to bright light blinds members of this race for 1 round; on subsequent rounds, they are dazzled as long as they remain in the affected area.
  • Favored classes:Alchemist, Sorcerer or Wizard, . Those that take the sorcerer class often take Arachnid Bloodline


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