The Druegar are miserable highly superstitious and paranoid, they have hundreds of everyday taboos that can stop their entry into the afterlife. They fear outsiders and treat them poorly. They are a highly bureaucratic race and almost of their taboos can be dealt with by paying a fine or undergoing a whipping ritual.
The Druegar are separated into 11 clans that each oversee a separate function in druegar city life. When a druegar comes of age he must apply to a clan and be accepted. if no clan will take them in their only option is to sell themselves into slavery, or leave Derringer city.

The Clans
BrightCap Clan: This clan shovels shit, literally, they fill their cavers with the waste they collect from the other clans and use it to grow the mushrooms that help feed Derringer city
Faithful Clan: The religious fanatics who worship unnida these clerics, and inquisitors keep a watchful eye out for the smallest infraction of social taboos and strictly punish those who offend.
Lybis Clan: This clan rules Derringer city comprised of the judges, lawyers, nobles and bureaucrats that make everyday life in Derringer city as miserable as possible.
Ruby Clan: These druegar and “associates” are the merchants and slavers, they have special licenses to deal with “outsiders” in trade. They alone are allowed to bring in outside merchandise, and deal with unclean races (so long as they purify afterwards)
Slorg Clan: The “farmers” these guys raise the slorg, the primary meat of the druegar.
Starlight clan: Often considered at least impractical at worst infidels, these druegar are the arcane casters, necromancers and demonologists, these druegars like to play with dangerous magic’s. Often in political struggle with Faithful clan.
Steelfist Clan: The warriors and fighters, this clan keeps Derringer city safe from outsiders.
Trialva Clan: An odd clan comprised of craftsman, mercenaries and manual laborers. there’s always work for the Trialva Clan.
Two Fangs Clan: These brave druegar are the hunters who leave the safety of the city to bring back wild game and treasure as they find it. they often have excellent maps of nearby cavern complexes.
Void Clan: these druegar don’t exist, there names have been stricken from official records, they have no official function, and have no protection under the law, but equally they are not bound to it, these shadowy, reclusive clan is only hired when someone needs to die, or some horrible thing needs to be covered up.
Widow clan: The textile guild these drugar raise spiders, spin their silk into fabric, dye it and create garments.

Druegar Foods:
Slorg: This is the primary meat source for the druegar. Physically it looks like a 3’-6’ long white segmented worm with tentacles around its mouth. Its skin is tough and textured like a golf ball. Much like pork there are a variety of cuts and values, the first 3 sections commanding the highest prices while the closer to the tail the cheaper the meat is. The meat of the slorg is generally slightly pink and quite sweet (think honey glazed ham)
Edquilong- The segment meat served deli style in thin strips of meat (often with mushroom cap wedges) also refers to slorg jerky.
Edquipet- Segment meat that has been smoked and cured for over a year, served in deli style strips.
Kippes- The segment meat diced and jellied, served like pate
Porgoil- An entire segment cleaned and roasted, often stuffed with various mushrooms
Kippet- Thick slices of segment meat grilled on an open fire
Morgat- Ground tail meat stuffed into cleaned out tentacles and boiled with vegetables looks like sausages.
Oggata- Whole newly born slorgling, wrapped in Langala vine and pit roasted for hours.
Oitarra- The candied tentacles, served as a dessert
Nabintie- The raw jellied brains of the slorg, served ice cold as a dessert (has mildly intoxicating effect, and is rather addictive- see new drugs )
Poddin Balls- Ground tail meat balls coated in a potato batter and deep-fried

Wild Game: Occasionally members of clan 2fangs will bring back something worth selling as food, this can include:
Bulette Meat- tough and stringy, tastes like it was soaking in swamp water for a few years
Darkmantel- deep fried like calamari
Destrachan- Thick succulent meat has a strong gamy taste
Grick- Suprisingly similar to slorg
Worg- Thick and very gamy not surprisingly not very good

Assassin Vine fruit: A rare treat brought back from the caverns, looks like little grey pebbles, tastes quite tart and tangy
Langala Vine- looks like a white twisted celery stock and has much the same texture, however it has a rather tart citrus taste.
Potato’s- yep just like mom used to make
Tobeic- The deep purple bulb of a small plant that grows only next to slorg pits. quite a lot like an onion with a hint of pickle after taste. Often served pickled
Hadind- A small bright green fruit that is fermented in milk. Looks like neon raisins floating on a green milk, tastes like rat dropping soaked in sour milk.
Cave Mushrooms:- edible, if foul tasting, dried and crumbled and used as a main ingredient in a form of beer. Spores are gathered for use like chilly powder.

Assassin vine wine: a tangy, milky looking wine that packs quite a punch
Night Blooming Jasmine tea: a favorite import from the light world
Cave mushroom beer: A bitter strong hot brew known to cause vomiting in those who drink to much and are not use to it (Fort DC15)


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